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Frank Kearns @U2 interview about Early Days with U2

Frank Kearns @U2 interview about Early Days with U2

@U2 Interview: Frank Kearns Talks About His Early Days With U2 (Part 1)

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Frank Kearns Cactus World News PLEDGE MUSIC CAMPAIGN support the release:

Cactus World News were an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in April 1984. Founded by Frank Kearns (guitar) and Eoin McEvoy (vocals), the first full stable lineup also included Wayne Sheehy (drums) and Fergal MacAndris (bass).1 They reformed in 2011 with a new lineup of Kearns, Sheehy and MacAndris, with Eoin Scott and Eoin Watkins. Their early influences were The Clash, Ramones, Talking Heads, U2, The Waterboys and R.E.M.

Their first release, and best known song was “The Bridge”, which was produced by U2’s Bono, and released on their Mother Records label. They toured the UK with The Cult in 1985 and signed to MCA Records.
They performed at the Self Aid concert in Dublin on 17 May 1986. The band released their debut album, Urban Beaches in 1986 and gained impact hits with its three singles: “Years Later”, “Worlds Apart” and a re-recording of “The Bridge”. The respected music reference site “” gave Urban Beaches 4.5 out of 5 All three singles reached the UK Singles Chart. After their second album, No Shelter, was shelved in 1989, the band were released from their recording contract and underwent several personnel changes. MacAindris and Sheehy both quit in 1989. McEvoy and Kearns continued for a few more years, with various other band members coming and going, including Chris McGoldrick (bass), John Doyle (bass) and JJ Collier (drums).
After leaving Cactus World News, Sheehy went on to record and tour with Ronnie Wood, Bo Diddley, Robert Palmer, Michelle Shocked, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Carl Carlton, Hinterland, Dave-Id Busarus and Hothouse Flowers (appearing on both Born and Live). Sheehy currently plays with the Canadian songwriter Jeff Martin. Kearns (using the name Francis Xavier) released a solo album, Walking The Waves (2005), which featured both Sheehy and McEvoy.
It was announced in June 2011 that Cactus World News are to reform after 20 years (with the exception of Eoin McEvoy who has other commitments) in order to support Simple Minds in Kerry, Ireland on 30 July 2011.