Irelands original Rockschool for Adults teenagers. It provides guitar lessons, bass lessons and drum lessons in Dublin.

WARNING FOR SUMMER CAMPS : beware of imitations

All our camps are in a pro recording studio ( SALT)
We are not part timers!- we live, eat and breath this 24/7 !
We have a 98% retention rate among students and many many students return year after year to take part in our camps.
All our camps have expert tutors delivering an original experience every time under the supervision of Frank Kearns.
Over 80 Rock Camps served
Our camps also cover sound engineering, song writing, performing,individual instrument workshops,lyric writing and creative writing (new,relevant and effective) song arranging, Music theory ( Non Boring and relative to Rock not some prehistoric nonsense ) Have a unique experience forming a band with like minded musicians and people your own age and rockin’ the place!
cd for everyone to take home after camp

CALL 087 2765754 to book . . .

  • Eoghanmadden

    Do you have to do the Camp if you do lessons ?

    • admin

      Hi Eoghan

      sorry we didnt reply before now!
      No you do not have to do camp to do lessons
      Call me on 087 2765754

  • RockinDub

    Ah if only it was this simple lol
    I suppose now that passenger aircraft can be flown by computers you will be the first to fly on one without a pilot or captain?
    BTW, looked at your comment again and i see this is a sly spam attempt as you are selling lessons “online” lol